Da­ta Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy MR&S GmbH
This Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Dec­la­ra­tion shall cov­er the use of the web­page of the Ger­man pri­vate lim­it­ed com­pa­ny MR&S GmbH.
Our web­page con­tains links to oth­er web­pages of ex­ter­nal ser­vice providers which this Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Dec­la­ra­tion does not ex­tend to.
For us, da­ta pro­tec­tion is an in­te­gral part of mar­ket and opin­ion re­search which we at­tach very high im­por­tance to. Col­lec­tion and pro­cess­ing of your per­son­al da­ta shall be done in strict ac­cor­dance with the valid Ger­man Fed­er­al Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Acts of the Fed­er­al Re­pub­lic of Ger­many (BDSG or BDSG [new]) from 25th May 2018, of the Ger­man Tele­me­dia Act (TMG) and of the Eu­ro­pean Gen­er­al Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (GDPR) from 25th May 2018.
With the fol­low­ing dec­la­ra­tion we would like to in­form you about what per­son­al da­ta are col­lect­ed, for what pur­pose your da­ta are used, and how you can ob­ject to your da­ta be­ing col­lect­ed, pro­cessed and used.

The Con­troller for col­lec­tion, pro­cess­ing and use of your per­son­al da­ta with­in the mean­ing of the GDPR is:

MR&S Mar­ket Re­se­arch & Ser­vices GmbH
Markt­platz 8
61440 Ober­ur­sel
Tel. +49 6171 / 20782- 40
Fax +49 6171 / 20782- 60
[email protected]

Should you want to ob­ject to col­lec­tion, pro­cess­ing and use of your per­son­al da­ta by us in ac­cor­dance with these da­ta pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions in whole or for in­di­vid­u­al mea­sures, you can di­rect your ob­jec­tion to the Con­troller men­tioned above.
Should you have any ad­di­tion­al ques­tions with re­gard to da­ta pro­tec­tion, please con­tact our Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Of­fi­cer:
[email protected]

Gen­er­al Use of our web­page
Bei je­dem Zu­griff auf un­se­re Web­si­te wer­den Nut­zungs­da­ten durch den je­wei­li­gen In­ter­net­brow­ser über­mit­telt und in Pro­to­koll­da­tei­en, den so­ge­nann­ten Ser­ver- Log­files, au­to­ma­tisch ge­spei­chert. Die da­bei ge­spei­cher­ten Da­ten­sät­ze ent­hal­ten die fol­gen­den Da­ten:

  • IP- Adres­se des an­fra­gen­den Rech­ners
  • Da­tum und Uhr­zeit des Zu­griffs
  • Na­me und URL auf­ge­ru­fe­nen Sei­te
  • Web­si­te, von der aus der Zu­griff er­folgt
  • In­for­ma­tio­nen über den Brow­ser­typ und die ver­wen­de­te Ver­si­on
  • Be­triebs­sys­tem des an­fra­gen­den Rech­ners

Rechts­grund­la­ge der Da­ten­ver­ar­bei­tung
Die­se Zu­griffs­da­ten wer­den in Log­files (Pro­to­koll­da­tei­en) für ei­nen be­grenz­ten Zeit­raum ge­spei­chert (Rechts­grund­la­ge: Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DS­GVO).

Zweck der Da­ten­ver­ar­bei­tung
Wir nut­zen die­se Pro­to­koll­da­ten oh­ne Zu­ord­nung zu Ih­rer Per­son aus­schließ­lich für sta­tis­ti­sche Aus­wer­tun­gen zum Zweck des Be­triebs, der Si­cher­heit und der Op­ti­mie­rung der Web­si­te so­wie zur an­ony­men Er­fas­sung des Be­su­cher­auf­kom­mens (traf­fic) auf un­se­ren Web­sei­ten.

Dau­er der Spei­che­rung
Die Da­ten wer­den ge­löscht, so­bald sie für die Er­rei­chung des Zwe­ckes ih­rer Er­he­bung nicht mehr er­for­der­lich sind. Im Fal­le der Er­fas­sung der Da­ten zur Be­reit­stel­lung un­se­rer Web­si­te er­folgt die Lö­schung, wenn die je­wei­li­ge Sit­zung be­en­det ist.

Wi­der­spruchs- und Be­sei­ti­gungs­mög­lich­keit
Die Er­fas­sung der Da­ten zur Be­reit­stel­lung der Web­si­te und die Spei­che­rung der Da­ten in Log­files ist für den Be­trieb der In­ter­net­sei­te zwin­gend er­for­der­lich. Es be­steht folg­lich sei­tens des Nut­zers kei­ne Wi­der­spruchs­mög­lich­keit.

Un­se­re Web­si­te ent­hält auch Links zu an­de­ren Web­si­tes. Be­ach­ten Sie bit­te, dass wir nicht für die Ein­hal­tung der Da­ten­schutz­vor­schrif­ten an­de­rer An­bie­ter haf­ten. Da­her emp­feh­len wir Ih­nen, die Da­ten­schutz­er­klä­run­gen für die je­wei­li­gen Web­si­tes auf­merk­sam zu le­sen.

Con­tact made by e- mail, etc.
You can con­tact us by us­ing the e- mail ad­dress, tele­phone num­bers or postal ad­dress that are pub­lished on our web page. Your da­ta will not be passed on to any third par­ty. Your da­ta will on­ly be used for our com­mu­ni­ca­tion with you.

De­pend­ing on the scope and the top­ic of your en­quiry, we will col­lect and pro­cess for ex­am­ple the fol­low­ing per­son­al da­ta in these cas­es:

  • open­ing (gen­der), if ap­pli­ca­ble
  • name, first name(s), if ap­pli­ca­ble
  • com­pa­ny name, if ap­pli­ca­ble
  • e- mail ad­dress
  • tele­phone num­ber, if ap­pli­ca­ble
  • postal ad­dress, if ap­pli­ca­ble
  • ref­er­ence of the mes­sage
  • text of the mes­sages
  • date of the en­quiry

Le­gal ba­sis of da­ta pro­cess­ing
The le­gal ba­sis of pro­cess­ing those da­ta that are trans­mit­ted when an e- mail is sent shall be Art. 6 Para. 1 item f GDPR. If con­tact is made in or­der to en­ter in­to an con­tract, the ad­di­tion­al le­gal ba­sis of da­ta pro­cess­ing shall be Art. 6 Para. 1 item b GDPR.

Pur­pose of da­ta pro­cess­ing
The da­ta trans­mit­ted shall on­ly be used to pro­cess your en­quiry.

Du­ra­tion of stor­age
Your da­ta will be erased as soon as they are no longer nec­es­sary to at­tain the pur­pose for which they were col­lect­ed. For per­son­al da­ta trans­mit­ted by e- mail, this shall be the case as soon as the re­spec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion with you has been ter­mi­nat­ed. The com­mu­ni­ca­tion shall be ter­mi­nat­ed if it can be in­ferred from the cir­cum­stances that your en­quired has been pro­cessed con­clu­sive­ly.

In this case, all per­son­al da­ta stored in the course of con­tact shall be erased.

How­ev­er, we here­with ex­plic­it­ly point out that we are on­ly al­lowed to fi­nal­ly erase your per­son­al da­ta if this era­sure does not con­tra­dict any statu­to­ry pe­ri­ods of re­ten­tion.

Ways of ob­jec­tion and rec­ti­fi­ca­tion
You al­so have the op­tion to re­voke your con­sent to the stor­age of your per­son­al da­ta at any time

What ser­vices or cook­ies are we us­ing?
We do not use any web an­a­lyt­ics tools or ser­vices. We use cook­ies for our web site.

Le­gal ba­sis of da­ta pro­cess­ing
Cook­ies are small text files which are tem­porar­i­ly stored on the com­put­er of a us­er when he vis­its a web page  (le­gal ba­sis: Art. 6 Para. 1 item f GDPR).

Pur­pose of da­ta pro­cess­ing
So-called tem­po­rary ses­sion cook­ies are used in or­der to sim­pli­fy use of a web page for the vis­i­tors or in or­der to en­able users to ac­cess var­i­ous func­tions of the web page which could not be of­fered with­out these cook­ies.  A cook­ie con­tains a char­ac­ter­is­tic string of char­ac­ters so that your brows­er is still rec­og­nized on the web page in ques­tion even af­ter oth­er pages were ac­cessed.

In ad­di­tion, we use so- called per­ma­nent (per­sis­tent) cook­ies in or­der to en­able the us­er to ac­cess our web page in var­i­ous lan­guages. These cook­ies store the lan­guage set by you when you vis­it our web page. The us­er da­ta that are thus col­lect­ed as they are nec­es­sary for tech­ni­cal rea­sons, shall not be used by us to draw up us­er pro­files.

Du­ra­tion of stor­age
The ses­sion cook­ie con­tains no per­son­al da­ta and shall be delet­ed once you close your brows­er.

The per­ma­nent cook­ies we use shall re­main valid on your com­put­er for a set pe­ri­od of more than 24 (twen­ty- four) hours un­til the ex­pi­ra­tion date has been reached or un­til you delete the cook­ie (whichev­er oc­curs ear­li­er).

Ways of ob­jec­tion and rec­ti­fi­ca­tion
You can delete per­ma­nent cook­ies us­ing your brows­er set­tings. Most browsers store cook­ies au­to­mat­i­cal­ly – thus, should you want to pre­vent use the use of cook­ies, you might have to ac­tive­ly delete or block cook­ies or pre­vent cook­ies from be­ing stored by set­ting your brows­er ac­cord­ing­ly. How­ev­er, in this case, the func­tion­al­i­ty of the web page could be lim­it­ed.

Rights of da­ta sub­jects
If per­son­al da­ta of yours are pro­cessed you are a Da­ta Sub­ject with­in the mean­ing of the GDPR, and you shall have the fol­low­ing rights against the Con­troller:

You shall have the right to with­draw your con­sent to the pro­cess­ing of your per­son­al da­ta at any time should you have giv­en such con­sent (Art. 7 item 3 GDPR). For this, a writ­ten no­tice (e.g. by mail, e-mail) sent to our con­tact de­tails men­tioned here­in shall be suf­fi­cient.

In ad­di­tion, you shall have the fol­low­ing rights pur­suant to the GDPR:

  • Right of ac­cess by the da­ta sub­ject (Art. 15 GDPR)
  • Right to rec­ti­fi­ca­tion (Art. 16 GDPR)
  • Right to era­sure / “right to be for­got­ten” (Art. 17 GDPR)
  • Right to re­stric­tion of pro­cess­ing (Art. 18 GDPR)
  • Right to da­ta porta­bil­i­ty (Art. 20 GDPR)
  • Right to ob­ject (Art. 21 GDPR)
  • Right to lodge a com­plaint with a su­per­vi­so­ry au­thor­i­ty (Art. 77 GDPR)

Da­ta se­cu­ri­ty
We shall al­ways take the max­i­mum care for the se­cu­ri­ty of your da­ta with­in the scope of the da­ta pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions in force and as far as is tech­ni­cal­ly pos­si­ble. Con­se­quent­ly, we take both tech­ni­cal and or­gan­i­sa­tion­al mea­sures so as to pro­tect our web page against loss, de­struc­tion, ac­cess, mod­i­fi­ca­tion or dis­tri­bu­tion of your da­ta by unau­tho­rized third par­ties.

Au­to­mat­ed in­di­vid­u­al de­ci­sion-mak­ing, in­clud­ing pro­fil­ing
We do not car­ry out any au­to­mat­ed de­ci­sion mak­ing on the ba­sis of your per­son­al da­ta which pro­duces le­gal ef­fects con­cern­ing you or sim­i­lar­ly sig­nif­i­cant­ly af­fects you (Art. 22 GDPR).

Like­wise, we do not use the col­lect­ed da­ta for pro­mo­tion­al pur­pos­es nor do we draw up us­er pro­files of the vis­i­tors of our web page.

Trans­mis­sion of da­ta to third par­ties
Your per­son­al da­ta shall nev­er be passed on to any third par­ties.

Your da­ta shall on­ly be passed on to third par­ties af­ter your pre­vi­ous con­sent or if we are obliged to pass on the da­ta on the grounds of a le­gal ba­sis or the de­ci­sion of a court of law.

If and in­so­far as we out­source cer­tain parts of elec­tron­ic da­ta pro­cess­ing (the so- called “Pro­cess­ing” pur­suant to Art. 28 GDPR), we shall con­trac­tu­al­ly oblige pro­ces­sors to use per­son­al da­ta on­ly in ac­cor­dance with the re­quire­ments of the da­ta pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions and to en­sure the pro­tec­tion of your da­ta.

At May 2018