What we do


We are well positioned!


We have learned that web-based telephone interviews work well for many studies, but we really miss the personal exchange and (client)team discussions, and we are longing for more in facility interviews again.

Antje Schaffranietz


A new, exciting chapter begins for Saskia: She will be going on maternity leave and subsequent parental leave starting October 2021. We are happy that Elena Kemmerzell (she) will support us in our back office during the next months.

What we are working on

We have been building on our experience and expertise in STORYTELLING as part of our qualitative study reports and have enjoyed adapting well-known stories in order to make them sustainable for our clients.

The almost exclusive use of the numerous web meeting platforms for qualitative interviews and group discussions for more than a year now has cost us some troubles. Unfortunately, only a few platforms manage to meet our requirements, namely to offer easy access without software download for all participants (respondents, clients and moderators), to be DSGVO-compliant, to guarantee a good transmission and recording quality, etc …


What is behind this abbreviation and idea? We will tell you here in a few weeks.