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MR&S  T.A.L.Q.

MR&S T.A.L.Q. – Our new Podcast is up!

“Our podcast invites you to learn more about the most beautiful profession in the world and gain insights into our work with entertaining everyday stories.”

Antje Schaffranietz

Stories from the everyday life of qualitative market research – reliable, dedicated, inspiring

What do people really think? What feelings and emotions determine their outwardly supposedly purely rational actions? How do decisions develop in the head and what role does the gut play? These are questions that qualitative market research addresses daily and to which it finds project-specific answers. For many, this is voodoo and tainted with prejudice, but for us it is a solid tool that we have learned from the beginning.

Our podcast is currently only available in German! If you are still interested, click here!

If the desire for English episodes increases, we will gladly tackle this challenge! 🙂